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Created on 2009-11-01 15:53:38 (#454814), never updated

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Birthdate:May 8
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:My LJ

Hi; My name is Anna but my friends and family know me as bee, my journal at the moment is locked and invite only because I’d like too know who’s reading my lj. If you know me in real life feel free to add my Myspace but not this.

Like I said The name is Anna but I’m known as Bee Bee, I’m Agoraphobic and have been for seven years. I live with my sister and mother. I have a dog-named Sam who is as crazy as me. At only 4’11 I’m something of a short stop. My sister calls me a ompa lumpa or a midget I don’t mind I like my height. I’m as crazy as a box of frogs and my LJ shows that. I’m a total fan girl when it comes to my fandoms; I’m also a huge geek.
I’m a fanfic writer and am obsessed with slash.

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10th kingdom, 13 ghosts, 28 days later, 28 weeks later, 80's music, absinthe, agatha christie, alice in wonderland, anakin skywalker, animal rights, animals, animals rights, armstrong and miller show, arsenal fc, barney harwood, bbc, bear behaving badly, ben 10, bisexuality, blithe spirit, bloo, cabaret, caleb followill, captain jack, casualty 1909, catherine tate, cbbc, channel 4, chekov/sulu, christian clarke, christian/syed, cinema bizarre, clyde langer, csi new york, david bowie, david tennant, dead snow, defying gravity, doctor who, dogs, douglas adams, dr who, dresden dolls, eastenders, ed and oucho, ed petrie, f1, fall out boy, fan fiction, fandom, fanfic, fangirling, fetish, finding nemo, flowers in the attic, football, formula 1, formula one, gay erotica, gay porn, gay rights, geeks, gene hunt, ghost stories, ghostbusters, hairspray, hauntings, hikaru sulu, history, holby city, horror movies, hot chocolate, i.t crowd, iain stirling, internet, ipods, john partridge, john simm, jonas brothers, last king of scotland, leonard/sheldon, lewis, life on mars, lilo and stitch, little shop of horrors, marc elliott, midsomer murders, mike fielding, music, naboo, ncis, nev the bear, noel fielding, nudity, old movies, oscar wilde, oucho, oucho t. cactus, pavel chekov, pavel/hikaru, philip glenister, phill jupitus, piercings, playboy, poirot, porn, pornography, project runway, qi, reading, rugby, sarah jane adventures, sci-fi, scissor sisters, sexual expression, silent hill, simon pegg, smut, snakes on a plane, soaps, space, spooks, star trek, star wars, stephen king, the big bang theory, the dresden dolls, the goonies, the hills have eyes, the history boys, the it crowd, the kings of leon, the kinks, the libertines, the master, the mentalist, the mighty boosh, the ring, the sarah jane adventures, thunderbirds, tokio hotel, tony/gibbs, top gear, torchwood, twitter, universe, wispa, x-files, x-men, zooey deschanel
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